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PSI | Picard Stanton Institute

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ANNIE PICARD has twenty years of extensive university teaching experience. SEAN STANTON is an active professional singer and teacher.

Together, Annie and Sean have been passionate practitioners and healers using MZI Informatics Rehabilitation QiGong methods since 2008. They’ve both completed three MZI classes with certificates of distinction: IRQ Beginners in 2008, Advanced Healing in 2010, and Advanced Healing One in 2013.

With Master Zhao’s blessing, they created PSI with Alexandra Plattos Sulack in 2017 to teach MZI workshops and integrate holistic techniques for singers. They are humbled and honored to be the first students of Master Zhao to teach his methods outside of his institute.


The mission of PSI is to develop materials to advance MZI methods and better the life of musicians, to fill the void of body-mind connection in a musician’s development, and to build a small, supportive community focused on furthering their career journey while practicing QiGong.

If you'd like to learn more about PSI and QiGong, please visit our website,

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